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What's In the Program

Day One: Getting Clear

Covering (1) Where are you now? (2) Where do you want to be? (3) Goal potency

Day Five: Stop Self-Sabotage

Covering (1) Pain versus pleasure (2) Values (3) Leverage yourself

Day Two: Creating Momentum

Covering (1) The secret of "The Secret" (2) Single-focussed (3) The goal sweet spot

Day Six: Scramble Your Thoughts

Covering (1) Remove limiting programming (2) Install good beliefs (3) The re-decision process (4) The mental cleanse

Day Three: Abundant Energy

Covering (1) How to have "Energiser Bunny Energy" (2) The power of alkalinity (3) The easy way to detox

Day Seven: State Management

Covering (1) How to feel good any time, any place, any where, and in any circumstance

Day Four: The Time Of Your Life

Covering (1) The Daily Success Richual (2) How to be mega-productive (3) How to get 400% more done
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normally priced at $199 - FREE TODAY
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WhatPeople Are Saying
"One of those amazing turning point moments where you get tools and strategies for daily inspired living ... all presented by an absolute legend!"
Lathem Broadstock, New Zealand
"Hi Chris, I just wanted to let you know the best thing that happened to me this year is God giving me the chance meeting on April 25th. In just a month, I can see the transformation in me. I no longer talk about frivolous things with friends, but talking about opportunities that I see around me. Ideas just come into my head. I am glad I have friends who have the same mindset as me and I know for sure my 12 month journey with you is going to be awesome! Thank you Chris!"
Lily Goon, Singapore
"It's brilliant in my opinion. It's massive value and as a coach I would have happily paid $500 or more for it.

If you applied everything in it and referred back to it consistently you would make astounding progress.

I actually think that giving it away for free stops people realising its true value and if you have access to it and haven't done it and fully applied it you must be crazy!"
Ben Alexander - Perth, Australia
"I believe it is ridiculous to have charged as much as you do. It is worth more than what you are giving it out at. This program wakes you up from where you are to really help you get clear on what you want in your life. To see my nightmare life is in itself the turning point for me to start taking action for my own life. 

I want to be remembered for the right reasons, not to be forgotten. i want my legacy to mean something! Thanks so much Chris."
Richard Phu - Sydney, Australia
"It's a program that can help you find direction when you are lost. If you applied everything in the program, you'll have a clear goal of what you want to achieve in life ... and how you are going to achieve it."
An-na Li, Malaysia
"Hey Chris - since I've started shifting into gratitude - but like, so flippin grateful for everything, so much has started happening!! I'm laughing with sheer delight at the manifestation of such awesome stuff! Since your workshop on Saturday, it's like I've broken through a layer of blocks that have started bubbling with life! So excited, even more grateful! Haha. Thank you! May it return to you 100 fold with blessings."
Bonita Nuttall - Auckland, New Zealand
Program Overview
Every day millions of people wake up and set out to achieve their goals. They're well-prepared, well-studied, intelligent. They've got the strategies. They've invested precious time and focus learning "how-to" achieve a particular goal or desire.

But they never seem to get there.

I have suffered endless frustration seeing thousands of the people that I have coached make progress but not reach their full potential. Do you know someone like that?

So ... I decided to create this important missing piece in the puzzle. In life to truly achieve what matters most you need both STRATEGY and MINDSET. And it's in this program that I am now helping people develop the mindset they need to bring into their life what really matters to them.

If you're truly committed to something or someone in life then doesn't it make sense to invest in the one place that influences everything? {your mind}. Jump in. Enjoy this program. It only takes 7 days.

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